My name is Savannah Counts. I was born and raised in Juneau, but I currently live in Fairbanks. I hope to one day finish my degree and start my career as a Radiologist Tech. I am married and have two beautiful children. I love to be outdoors, playing softball, fishing, hunting, running, hiking, camping, and skiing. Pretty much if I’m outside in the sunshine or snow I am happy. I also really enjoy baking and cooking; becoming a mom has really brought out the chef side in me, especially with a 2 year old who is a very picky eater.

This is a picture I took of Exit Glacier while on a hike in the Kenai Mountains of Alaska:


My relationship to art in a class room setting is pretty limited. The last time I took an art class was in high school and that was a crafts class which I absolutely loved. I like to think that even if I am not in an art class I can still encounter art all throughout my day. For example through my baking I feel like I am creating masterpieces or if I am taking picture of my kids and trying to find the best backdrop in the background. The closest I get to art these days is through my photography, holiday crafts, playing the piano, and helping my daughter with her art projects. I like to search Pinterest for good art projects for kids; it helps for those long winter days.

Here is a link to photographer Mark Kelly’s website. He is from my hometown of Juneau, AK; I think his photography is very artistically executed to capture the beauty of Alaska.


One thought on “Introduction

  1. Pinterest is wonderful. I have so much fun exploring the web through collections. You did a wonderful job on your first blog post. The vantage point for Mark Kelly’s photo was near the house my dad lived in when he was a boy in Juneau.

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